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Is standing out the new secret to fitting in?

Fitting in used to be about following the crowd. Now the secret to fitting in with the ‘IT’ crowd is to forget what YOU like and who YOU really are and convince yourself you are so different from the ‘social norms’ portrayed by social media, that you avoid everything associated with the word ‘trend’.

How we do this? Ironically, we build an online character who serves as a facade to the rest of the robots throughout social media, so that we can become that person that we all believe everyone else wants to be.

We now, for some particular reason like to be perceived as savage, not the kind, passionate individual which was once the recipe for fitting in. What even is the 100% Cambridge dictionary approved definition of the word anyway? Well we took time to research it for all those proud-to-be savages, just out there posting all their savagy things:

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 19.39.20

Yep! In the real world, which we all are (somewhat) a part of in our spare time, the word savage relates us to a ‘dog’, to ‘violence’, to ‘frightening’, and in what reality would any human being want to be associated with any of these terms. Oh yes, the social media reality. Whereby, being savage to people is both cruel AND COOL???

We now, foresee the next trends that are emerging and travelling through our generation, we analyse them, we give it a week, witness who is going to take the trend on and only THEN will we decide whether it is distinct enough for us to take it on, not because we like it, but because it will receive the approvals of our fellow followers and friends. For example, the recent fish net tights under the ripped jeans look. Firstly, it was “cool”, because it was new and distinctly different, therefore those who followed the trend came across as highly ‘prestige’ therefore becoming that person everyone wants to be. However, once too many people were following the trend, it became too normal for us to wear.

On-to the next ‘distinct/original/unique/cool/different/prestige’ trend for us to put onto our physical representation of the online robot we’ve created, even though we may not be entirely crazy about.

It is not just social media, even in the real world, people seem to be forgetting what they believe in and saying random, delusional things that may or may not get the approval of others. Either, to seem like they have that different way of thinking or just to simply agree with what the new cultivated way of thinking is.

All such things have become a ‘recipe’ or the building blocks to us being different, ultimately making us all the same. Why we do it? Who knows? It’s alien to us too!

By being different, we have all become the same.
Disclaimer: No social media accounts were harmed or deleted in the making of this blog; as we are just like everyone else, a personification of the word hypocritical.

-Humans Online.



OK, so… it happened! We followed the trend! We started a blog, (which we hope is quite evident at this point), we created an Instagram account ( and hopefully one day there will be a YouTube channel for us to tell you about as well.

This took quite some time to begin, the blog and Instagram I mean, not just to set up the platforms but to think about. And we did, think veryyyy long and hard about it. What would it be about? Who is our audience? What is our first blog post and picture going to be? And so on…

So, while sitting on my laptop at 9:04pm on a Friday evening, when I should be living the wild party lifestyle of any other student, I began typing. So here it is; Humans Onlines’ first blog post.

Well then, what is it about you might ask yourself? The response as to which would be; Who knows? We want to talk about everything that you’re thinking about. We want to review products for our readers. We want to be that relatable that you sometimes question yourself, “Was it actually me that wrote this post?” And most of all, we don’t want to be perfect straight away, we want to just learn as we go along, because at the end of the day we are only human.

If there is anything specific in the future you may want us to talk about or discuss, don’t be afraid to message us, we would love to hear from you and feedback is much appreciated!

-Humans Online.




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